Berean Laymen - Hurricane Response

The National Baptist Convention USA Inc. (NBCUSA Inc.), currently has “boots on the ground” in the areas impacted by recent hurricanes. They are currently assessing needs and coordinating with other volunteer organizations and government agencies.

Right now they are assisting a Church in Miami with obtaining water and ice to distribute to the community they are located in as well as looking for places in Texas to house volunteers to begin tearing out water damaged drywall and flooring in preparation for rebuilding.

What we need from you!

Be prepared to donate time and effort, money, and specifically requested “stuff”. We hope to have a listing of contents for a “cleanup kit” in the near future.

We need volunteers to be trained in shelter operations (the partner course is only 4 to 6 hours), who have Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs), and yes, even people who can perform manual labor such as loading and unloading supplies, helping in a warehouse, etc. Don’t let the fact that you can’t go now, or in the next few days hinder you from obtaining training or stepping up! The current needs are going to last a while and the more people we have listed as potential volunteers, the more likely we will be able to put together a crew at any given time.

Church members – let your pastor know you’re interested! Pastors – let your moderators know you have volunteers, money, or “stuff”. Moderators – help your disaster person(s) collect volunteer information so they can let our state Disaster Manager know what resources your district can offer.  Also be ready to help manage collection of specified items to be sent to the disaster zone.

We can all make monetary contributions to organizations we trust to get the job done who we know have boots on the ground in the affected areas. Don’t have a trusted charity and don’t know where to start? Look here for National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) member organizations.