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"Where Everybody Is Somebody and Christ Is All"

Amos 5:24 (NKJV)

God’s word calls for justice to flow like a river.

For most of American history equal justice under the law was not bestowed on African Americans. This history of injustice has never been more evident than in the justice system. Verdicts such as the one rendered today in St. Louis in the Shockley Case hurt a community seeking justice in the act of law enforcement as well as the order (the judicial side).

We must continue to strive for equal treatment and demand policing that is fair, humane, and community focused. Also, we must be as vocal and assertive in seeing that justice comes for the thousands of victims of violent crime in our communities for which there is little protest or outrage. As the scripture says justice is to flow like a river, we must be reminded water flows on everyone. Justice is for everyone.

Our prayer is that all who are affected by death, gunfire, violence, and moral disorder will be made whole and Christ will accomplish it. Until that day we stand together. 

Stay Prayed Up

Rev. Rodrick K. Burton
Pastor - New Northside Missionary Baptist Church